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If you’re interested in improving your teeth to improve the appearance of your smile, then dental veneers might be the right treatment for you. Dental veneers are beneficial dental products that can help you reach the smile of your dreams. To tell you all about it, our dentist, Dr. Thomas Sims, is happy to share the following dental veneer facts:

-Dental veneers are thin, customized shells that are crafted in a dental lab. With measurements, molds and information, dental technicians can create a dental veneer that fits perfectly over your tooth.

-Dental veneers are cemented to the front surfaces of your teeth to hide their unattractive characteristics.

-Dental veneers look similar to tooth enamel. This means that when the veneers are placed on your smile, they can provide natural-looking outcomes.

-Dental veneers can help you and your smile in many ways. In fact, they can help discolored teeth, worn-down teeth, chipped teeth, broken teeth, misaligned teeth, uneven teeth, irregularly shaped teeth and teeth with gaps between them.

-Your dentist will use a local anesthetic during your treatment so you don’t feel any discomfort while he is trimming a portion of your tooth enamel. This will help you have a comfortable and relaxing appointment.

To learn more about dental veneers in Scottsdale, Arizona, or to see if this treatment is right for you, please contact Centre for Progressive Dentistry today and schedule an appointment. Our dental team will be more than happy to help you in any way we can, so don’t be afraid to call 480-451-5888 today!