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The new partial denture created for you by Centre for Progressive Dentistry is intended to replace your missing teeth, and restore the appearance basic function of your smile. missing teeth.

The base of the partial denture medium that closely was designed to fit in your mouth. Its design and metal clasps help hold it in place. Some people may use a small amount of denture adhesive to hold their partial. Not only can this help bond your partial in place, but it can also help prevent stray food particles out.

If you need to remove your partial at some point during the day, you should thoroughly rinse away all traces of old denture adhesive. Once it has been dried with a clean paper towel, you can apply a fresh bead of adhesive before putting your partial back in place.

When you take your partial denture out at night you should give it a thorough rinse to clear away residual denture adhesive. Then you should gently brush it with a soft-bristled toothbrush and denture polish.

If you have questions about caring for your partial denture, you can always call 480-451-5888 to speak to our dentists or a member of our caring staff at Centre for Progressive Dentistry. Dr. Thomas Sims or Dr. Liz Wallmann look forward to helping you maintain your healthy, beautiful smile!