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Some of the foods and drinks we consume can lead to halitosis, which is also known as bad breath. We can describe a few of these foods and drinks, what effects they have and what you can do to avoid the halitosis they bring.

We can name at least a few because the list of foods that cause halitosis is nearly inexhaustible. For starters, we all know garlic and onions can be tasty but have strong odors. Naturally, eating them lets them mingle with your breath.

Other kinds of foods that cause halitosis usually contain lots of sugar. Sugar can get stuck in your teeth, where it can rot and stink. Sugar residue also attracts the bacteria in your mouth, and they consume it. These bacteria create some acidic products when they eat, which causes tooth decay as well as halitosis, and sugar helps them make more.

For drinks that can induce halitosis, look to coffee and alcoholic beverages. One major cause of halitosis with these drinks is dehydration. When you are dehydrated, you produce less saliva, which is needed to clean your mouth with food and help fight bacteria. Without enough saliva, bad-smelling things accumulate in the mouth.

So how do we prevent halitosis when consuming these foods and drinks? First, you can cut back on how often you eat or drink these items. When you do indulge yourself, try brushing and flossing your teeth as soon as you can to remove food particles. If you would like to better control the population of bacteria, you can try swishing an antibacterial mouthwash after brushing.

When drinking coffee or alcoholic beverages, try drinking some water along with them. This should boost your saliva production.

If you try these suggestions and still suffer from bad breath, come see our dentist, Dr. Thomas Sims, so he can help you identify the source. You can find us at Centre for Progressive Dentistry in Scottsdale, Arizona. Call us at 480-451-5888 to set up your appointment.