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Did you know that teeth can become infected? It’s true, as abscessed teeth are often the result of an infection known as a toothache. There are several risk factors associated with toothaches including gum disease, tooth decay, oral accidents and injuries and cracked teeth. If for any reason your tooth enamel is vulnerable to holes or cracks, it may be possible for bacteria to enter the root of a tooth and cause damage. This can lead to serious infections in your jaw bone, nearby teeth and surrounding tissues. To help prevent toothaches, be aware of the symptoms involved and its presence

If you notice any visual changes in your teeth and gums, including inflammation in your face, noticeable discharge, high fevers, unexplained chills or facial rashes, it may be the result of a toothache. Even at moments where wisdom teeth are erupting in your mouth, it can cause inflammation which will lead to a toothache.

If damage has occurred to your temporomandibular joints within your jaw or if you have suffered an oral accident or injury that has knocked a tooth out or cracked one severely, your risk for toothaches will be instantly present. Furthermore, if pain is felt after over the counter medications are used, or if you are experiencing severe pain 24 hours after a tooth has been pulled, you may be suffering from a toothache already. To help determine if any toothaches are present within your mouth, visit your dentist for oral health care restorations, routine checkups, and professional cleanings as needed.

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