Dental Implants

Dental implants are a type of restoration that is designed to replace both the roots and crown of a missing tooth. Implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth and even an entire dental arch. Dental implants are inserted into the jaw bone with a titanium screw, which provides a stable and permanent foundation for your dental restoration. Depending on how many teeth you are replacing, your dental restoration may be a dental crown, bridge, partial denture or complete denture.

At our practice, we are happy to help patients complete their dental implant treatment. After your implant has been placed by an oral surgeon, our dentist can work with you to create a customized dental restoration that will attach to your implant and restore your smile. Every type of dental restoration that we make is designed to resemble the shape, size and color of your natural teeth so that you not only regain the appearance of your smile but also its full functionality.

After you have received your final restoration and your smile has been complete, our dentist is here to ensure that your new smile stays healthy and beautiful. If you find that your implant restoration becomes damaged or worn down, we can restore it to its proper standards. With proper oral hygiene and routine dental visits, however, your dental implant and restoration should last a lifetime. For more information about dental implant restorations, and to schedule your appointment, please contact our practice today.

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